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5 essential devices for smart gardens

5 essential devices for smart gardens

Spring is officially here, and for a lot of homeowners Westchester County and the Tri-State Area, that means it's time to start gardening. 

The process of keeping up a garden is very demanding. It often requires a perfect blend of patience and inventiveness.

You can lose the entirety of the plants that make up your garden within the span of one night to drought, pest, and maladies. 

On the other hand, you can safeguard your plants from these vulnerabilities by using these green finger-friendly smart devices.

Here 5 must-have devices for your smart garden.


Sit back, relax and watch this amazing piece of machinery take care of the weeds on your garden for you.

The debate about who is going to trim the lawn has come to an end. Never again will you need to grab the handlebar of a mower to expel weeds from your beautiful garden. With automower, you can control the mower remotely using an app on your smartphone.

You can even check where it has or hasn’t worked on by tapping on the map icon on the mower’s application.

What’s more, you can set up a timetable for the automower to do its work. When you have this device in your garden, all you have to stress about during the weekend is watching the goings-on on your television set.   

Soil moisture sensor

Gardening entails a lot of things, and a better part of it is knowing when your plants need water. On the off chance that the plants in your garden don’t get enough water, they will die from drought.

On the other hand, if you flood their roots with too much water, it can kill them too. Root rot is a serious problem.

Having a soil moisture sensor that allows you to know just how much your garden’s soil moisture has depreciated or increased, is the smartest to do for your plants.

With this, you can gauge the quantity of water needed for the wellbeing of your plants. That is why the next device on this list is essential for your smart garden.

Smart sprinkler controller

Your garden’s water requirements changes with the current weather conditions of your environment, which means your garden’s water requirements yesterday when the sun was down, will almost certainly be different from today’s that the sun is up.

Having a water sprinkler controller that combines the data of your garden with information like sun exposure and vegetation type can help you regulate the watering of your plants.

Install the app on your smartphone and you’ll never have to worry about your plants dying from drought ever again.  

Temperature sensor

The temperature of your environment also has implications on the wellbeing of your beautiful horticulture.

Having temperature sensors in your smart garden can help you maintain the right temperature for the plants in your garden, which any gardener can tell you, can make a big difference.

This sensor will communicate information regarding the temperature of your garden to your phone, regardless of how close you are to your home.

Smart lights

Smart lights have been popular from the inception of home automation and having them in your garden will make your garden all the more appealing. 

If you're an indoor gardener, you can find smart lights that are specifically designed for indoor plants,

They are usually coupled with water basins that allow indoor smart garden owners to grow plants without worrying about the lighting conditions of their home.  

Zeus Integrated is the most trusted smart home installer for Westchester County. Give us a call for all of your smart home needs. (800) 878-9705

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