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Employ smart pool automation instead of a pool guy

Employ smart pool automation instead of a pool guy

Ah. Relaxing in your pool or spa at the end of the day, feeling the refreshing water wash your worldly cares away while you sip a glass of sparkling wine and enjoy the evening light.

Well, anyway, that's the dream you had when you installed your pool.

Unfortunately, the reality so often doesn't deliver the dream you envisioned.  

Pools are high maintenance. Filters need to be checked and cleaned; debris needs to be cleared out of the water; the surfaces of the pool are in constant contact with water, which means safeguarding against bacterial contamination and algae; your pool needs chemicals to be balanced just right to maintain a healthy waterscape, without feeling as if you are being dunked in a chemical bath.

Don’t have tons of time or an advanced chemistry degree? Enter the pool guy.

Pool maintenance companies are found everywhere there are pool owners who want to enjoy a refreshing dip without putting in hours of work beforehand. Pool services range from moderately expensive to downright pricey, but they do save the pool owner untold hours throughout the pool season.

What if we told you it’s possible to enjoy your pool without the headache of doing your own upkeep or keeping the local pool guy employed all summer? Enter pool and spa automation.

Pool and spa automation? What exactly can be automated? The list of available smart functions for your spa or pool is extensive.

First, let’s look at safety and security. The easiest way to protect loved ones, pets, and visitors from accidental drowning is to use a pool alarm. When your home is automated, adding an alarm to your pool threshold as part of your security system allows you to know instantly if anyone has accessed the pool area.

It’s probably obvious, but one of our favorite smart features is lighting. Beautiful lighting elevates your entire pool and spa area with a feeling of true luxury, while enhancing safety for after-dark enjoyment of your oasis.

The next major area in which pool automation can save you hassle, and money, is cleaning. Smart filters and robot pool vacuums keep everything tidy without spending your time…or spending your money on a pool guy. Additionally, as with most smart home automation, automating these tasks can help save you money by running at off-peak utility hours.

Remember that chemistry degree? Now you can automate your complex pool chemistry so you know the water environment is always at optimal chemical levels, while avoiding any hazardous reactions that indulging in “time-saving” steps may cause. Correct chemical balance allows you to avoid cloudy water, algae growth, and bacterial contamination, providing a safe and pleasant swimming experience for you, your family, and guests.

And, yes, even your heater can be automated. Take advantage of the ability to control and adjust the temperature of your pool or spa from anywhere. Comfortable always.

Sound complicated? Zeus Integrated Systems can design, source, and install your complete smart home automation system, including automating your outdoor living spaces, pool, and spas.

Contact us today to learn how much better your life can be with automation! 800-878-9705

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