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Great Smart Home Options for Renters

Great Smart Home Options for Renters

Every day brings more media coverage about the options multiplying in the booming smart home automation arena. Many renters think they are excluded from enjoying the comfort, convenience and security that these systems bring. We’ve rounded up some great ideas that renters can use to integrate smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices in their homes…without running afoul of their leases. 

And, if you own rental property, these devices will add value for your tenants without the expense of a fully integrated system.

In the not-too-distant past, major construction was necessary to add smart home automation products to one’s home. Of course, some options still aren’t on the table for renters. Most landlords would frown upon a tenant installing their own exterior smart locks or smart thermostats, for instance. However, there are many other devices that can make rental life easier and safer.

But, first things first. Think carefully about the tasks you find yourself performing over and over as you go about your daily routines. Do you always have to turn on the laundry room light while carrying a full basket of dirty clothes?

Forget to feed Fido while running out the door in the morning? Do you dim the living room lights for TV viewing each night? All these routine tasks are prime candidates for automation.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting has come a long way. The wide range of wireless options available allows you to control lighting from your smart phone or tablet, even from afar. Along with dedicated smart lighting fixtures, smart bulbs and plugs can turn nearly any lamp into a smart light. Not ready to leave the office and it’s getting dark? Turn on your living room lights from your phone to welcome you home.

You can integrate your smart lighting with a smart home hub for even more options. Add a contact sensor to the laundry room door and activate the light whenever the door is opened. Set your lights to come on automatically 15 minutes before sunset or dim at 8 p.m. when you typically settle down for movies. Configure a motion sensor to turn on your porch lights as someone approaches on the front walk. Examine your routines and get creative with your smart lighting ideas.

LED bulbs that can change colors add fun and entertaining possibilities, too!

Wireless Security

With wireless security systems you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Think about using contact sensors on your doors and windows to alert you any time a door or window is opened. This can be ideal for monitoring access to balconies, and pool or spa areas, along with just keeping track of anyone entering your home.

When connected through a smart home hub, you can configure wireless security cameras to monitor and record activity based on triggers from other devices, such as turning your cameras on when the front door contact sensor is activated. Integrate motion sensors for even more options.

Smart Plugs for Small Appliances

Smart plugs allow you to control small appliances, such as coffee makers, through your smart home hub. Automate your smart plug to come on at a certain time each day, or even set up a motion sensor in your walk-in closet to start the coffee maker while you’re dressing for the day.

Let’s not forget about Fido! Connect an automatic pet feeder to a smart plug to be able to turn it on from anywhere and get that pup fed.

The possibilities are nearly endless with a smart plug.

Need help exploring smart home options for your luxury Miami rental? At Zeus Integrated Systems, we specialize in designing and installing systems to make your life easier, more secure and convenient. Give us a call to get started. (800) 878-9705

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