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How an integrated smart home can save you a lot of frustration

How an integrated smart home can save you a lot of frustration

The home of the future is finally here:

A smart home that knows your climate and lighting preferences. A smart home is always in the Goldilocks zone so you and your family are always comfortable. 

There are a lot of choices on the market when it comes to turning your home into a smart home.

And if you're just getting started -- or on a tight budget -- DIY seems like the way to go.

DIY smart home devices -- while certainly affordable and appealing home owners -- are often more of a headache than they're worth.

But as we've discovered, DIY can be a pretty bad idea, especially when it comes time to troubleshoot.

Just look at the reset process for GE Smart Bulbs.


These bulbs have an 11 step reset process.

Yes, 11 steps.

A GE Spokesperson told Quartz, “We know technology can be complicated and are aware that our current factory reset process isn’t ideal."

And while they're right: it isn't ideal, lengthy and frustrating processes like this are all too common for DIY smart devices. Surveys indicate 12% of smart home device owners have found a device to be completely unusuable due to an unresolved tech issue. 

Patrice Samuels, senior analyst for Parks Associates said in a statement, “Strong value is achieved from the smart home when devices communicate with each other, but diversity in device technology and communication protocols adds complexity to the smart home and creates challenges in achieving seamless communication."

An integrated system reduces these frustrations.

When you go with a system like Savant, you can rest assured knowing that everything is designed to work together. 

With features like whole house audio, integrated climate settings, controlled entry, and lighting experiences, every element of your smart home works together.

Nothing is kludged together.

Nothing is "made to work."

It just works.

And if something goes wrong?

No 11 step reset processes here. Everything is seamlessly controlled with the app, and if you run into any problems, our team of support specialists is only a phone call away.

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