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How to avoid these 3 common smart home fails

How to avoid these 3 common smart home fails

A beautiful, automated, awe-inspiring smart home is something a lot of New Yorkers dream about.

Imagine coming home to your sanctuary in the city.

A home where the climate is always perfect: you're never too hot, or too cold.

The lighting for your entire apartment can be controlled with a couple taps on your phone, or even a vocal command.

While this sounds like a pipe dream for a lot of people, this can be a reality. It's never been easier to get your smart home setup by a trusted smart home installer. 

But there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you build a smart home. These horror stories keep a lot of people wondering if they should ever take the plunge.

While nobody can say if you specifically are ready -- only you know your unique situation -- many of the smart home horror stories are easily avoidable. 

Here are some tips to avoid the most common smart home fails. 

Fail #1: Getting hacked

Getting hacked is a fear shared by every smart home owner, so if this is at the top of your list, don't worry, you're not alone. But hacking doesn't have to be inevitable. With a little common sense you can keep your smart home secure. 

The first tip is to never connect to public wifi, and use your phone as a mobile hotspot. This will keep a bad actor sitting at the local coffee shop from using your laptop to access your smart home devices. 

The second tip here is to make sure you keep your passwords safe and secure, and change them regularly.

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Fail #2: Not enabling vacation mode on your devices

Going out of town? Make sure you enable vacation mode on your system, like your lights, climate, and appliances. This will keep your energy bills a bit lower while you're gone. If you're leaving NYC for the summer, like so many New Yorkers do, you don't need your A/C unit to run the entire summer. 

Vacation mode is fairly simple to enable on most devices, and can usually be found in the device settings. If you use a comprehensive system like Savant -- our preferred smart home platform -- you can set your entire home on vacation mode, and you don't have to do each device one by one.

Fail #3: Incompatible Devices 

Many off-the-shelf consumer devices work with most of the major platforms, like Alexa, and Google Home, but not all of them. 

If you're trying to piece together a smart home one device at a time, it's easy to get devices that don't work well together, or are incompatible entirely. Devices owned by Google aren't always compatible with Apple HomeKit, for example. The Nest Thermostat, a Google-owned product, is famous for not being compatible with Apple HomeKit.

This is the biggest reason we recommend a fully integrated smart home system like Savant. We choose each and every item that goes into your smart home based on compatibility and your home goals. 

A trusted smart home installer with years of experience will be able to make sure your smart home is fully compatible and perfectly integrated. If you're ready to get started, give us a call.

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