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How to Know if a Smart Home Installer is Trustworthy

How to Know if a Smart Home Installer is Trustworthy

You’ve got your heart set on home automation, but you want to work with a reliable smart home installer.

Now, you just need to know how to find a trustworthy smart home installer to transform your house into your dream home.

If that sounds familiar, you’re on the right track. In this article, we’ll show you a blueprint for finding a trusted local smart home installer.

Here are five ways you’ll know if a smart home installer is trustworthy:

Look for Reviews

When conducting a local search for smart home installers, the first thing to look for is a long list of great reviews. You’ll want to read through reviews to see what other customers have said. Those remarks can tell you whether or not a smart home installer will go above and beyond to give you the most amazing experience possible. If your smart home installer doesn’t have a big online presence and no reviews, that’s OK. Ask for testimonials.

Look for Experience

Once you’ve found local smart home installers with great reviews, do a little more research to find out what their experience is. How long has the company been around? What do they specialize in? What have some of their projects looked like? Digging deeper to look for the most experienced smart home installer can yield the best result for your home.

Look for Skilled Staff

Now, research to find out about the company’s staff. You’ll want to find a smart home installer who’s bonded and insured, as well as one that offers professional, certified staff. Keep in mind, you’ll have people working in your home, and you’ll want the best of the best.

Look for Qualifications

Aside from being bonded and insured and offering great experiences, you want to find a smart home installer who possesses a wealth of qualifications. For instance, one of the industry’s most recognized certifications comes from CEDIA. Lowe’s Home Improvement also offers home automation certification. You’ll want to find a smart home installer who has gone the extra mile to train on the latest systems. This ensures that you’ll have the best experience with your smart home installation.

Look for Ongoing Support

Smart home installation extends beyond setting everything up. What if you have questions down the road? What if something stops working? Find a smart home installer that offers a labor warranty to cover their work, as well as a company that offers tech support to ensure that your smart home stays smart for a long time to come.

Transforming your house into a smart home comes with a long list of benefits, including convenience, comfort, and energy savings. However, the quality of your smart home installation is crucial to the longevity of your smart home’s functions. For that reason, we highly recommend finding a smart home installer that’s got sufficient qualifications, experience, reviews, skilled staff, and ongoing support to ensure that you receive the best experience possible!

If you’re in New York City or Miami, give us a call. We have a roster of happy clients, skilled staff, qualifications, and ongoing support.

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