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How to Make Your Home’s Lighting More Energy-Efficient in 2018

Explore the Eco-Friendly Benefits of Home Lighting Control

How to Make Your Home’s Lighting More Energy-Efficient in 2018

Did you make a resolution for the New Year? If you haven’t yet, we’ve got a suggestion: be more environmentally friendly.

There’s a reason why we chose this resolution. Unlike a resolution to go to the gym more often, you can achieve this goal with very little effort! Yes, smart technology can do the work for you, bringing energy-efficiency to your New York home automatically.

Curious? Let’s dig into the ways that upgrading to a home lighting control system can help reduce your carbon footprint.

It Starts With Your Lights

Before even considering how lighting control can save you from consuming energy, think about the lights you already use.

Are the bulbs environmentally friendly? Are they efficient?

If your home uses incandescent bulbs, the chances are that you’re unnecessarily spending more on energy consumption.

The better approach is LED lighting.

Not only can LED lights provide a beautiful scene, but they also are significantly more environmentally friendly than your typical bulb.

LED lights, for example, use at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Do the math, and you’ll find that reduced energy usage adds up a lot over time!

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Smart Home Lighting Control

Through lighting control technology, we can merge the controls for each light into one integrated system.

From an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can every light in your home on and off by pushing a single button. You can also adjust individual lights to any brightness you’d like.

Let’s look at an example…

Consider you turn on the lights in your kitchen during the day. With some sunlight coming in, you don’t really need the overhead lights going at full blast, so you dim the lights. Even dimming to just 80 percent, your bulbs already are using less energy to operate.

Now take it a step further – the lighting control system could automatically dim the bulbs to be the ideal brightness, then turn the lights off after a certain amount of time that nobody’s in the room.

Super Easy to Use

One of the things we love most about smart lighting is how simple it is to manage everything! Check out this video to see what we mean:


Just by tapping a few buttons on a touchscreen, in-wall keypad or even through your smartphone or tablet application, you can control your home’s entire lighting system. We even can integrate your lighting system with Amazon Alexa so that you can manage your lights with just your voice.

If you want to find out more about home lighting control, just reach out!

To get in touch, you can either call us today at (800) 878-9705, chat live with us at the bottom of this page or fill out a short form by clicking the button below.

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