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Increase your property value with smart automation solutions

Increase your property value with smart automation solutions

Real estate pros agree: adding smart home automation increases your home's curb appeal and property value.

According to some recent and well-publicized surveys, real estate agents are seeing demand for smart home automation soar among home buyers. Why? Home purchasers love the increased convenience, security, cost savings, and luxury lifestyle home automation brings to a property. In other words, exactly the reasons homeowners are installing automation in the first place.

While there are many small smart devices--such as smart light bulbs--that anyone can easily take with them when they sell their home, larger systems and appliances are typically highly customized for the property in which they were originally installed, and it makes more sense to leave them in place.

Which systems are good candidates to increase your home’s eventual appeal to a new owner? Let’s take a look.

Automated Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are a wonderful way to keep your home’s landscaping looking its best year-round. Curb appeal increased? Check!

Automated sprinklers and root-watering irrigation can be customized to run based on many parameters. For example, soil moisture sensors are customized to provide exactly the right amount of water precisely when and where your plants need it. Not only will your landscaping look terrific, you’ll likely see savings on your water bill.

Automated Outdoor Lighting

Beautiful outdoor lighting increases the curb appeal and welcoming feeling of a home like magic. Automate your front porch and pathway lighting to come on at sunset to welcome your family home. Highlight a prized landscape feature or direct the eye away from a less-than-perfectly-placed utility connection box. Automatically turn off your outdoor lighting at sunrise. These are all site-specific uses that home purchasers will value as much as you do.

Security Systems

Everyone wants to feel secure in their home. After all, it houses the most important thing in your life: your family. The advances in smart home technology bring new security options each year, while decreasing the cost of installation.

Smart devices as simple as a video doorbell add instant appeal to a home buyer. It’s noticeable as soon as anyone approaches your home. Round out the system by adding security cameras, smart locks, and door sensors.

Smart Shades

Luxury hotels and resorts often add this attractive feature to their rooms and suites. In rooms with larger windows, it just makes sense.

Have you struggled with opening or closing the blinds and shades in your home? If your windows are taller than four feet, it can be a real hassle to control the natural light pouring into your rooms every day. Smart shades solve this problem beautifully.

Available in gorgeous colors and a wide range of attractive textures, smart shades can be easily controlled from an app on a smart device or by remote control. Have a south-facing room which gets too hot from the intense summer afternoon sun beating in? Automate the smart shades to close and cool the room when a window sensor reaches a set temperature.

Since most smart shades are customized specifically for the windows in which they are installed, chances are good that the shades won’t work in your new home when you eventually move. Potential home buyers will be thrilled that the smart shades are included!

Smart Appliances

Nothing says luxury like stepping into a kitchen with beautiful finishes and stainless steel smart appliances at the ready. Once you’ve created a dream kitchen with every feature perfectly tuned to the space, it makes sense to leave these appliances with the home. This single category drives more return on investment than any other smart home automation you can include when selling your home.

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