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Smart Home Innovations for 2020

Smart Home Innovations for 2020

Happy New Year! And welcome to another year of smart home automation innovations.

As you have no doubt noticed, every day new smart home products are being introduced, with more features than ever. The news this week is full of stories of cool new gadgets being introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and smart home advertisements are everywhere you look, from television to social media. As you’d expect, most of the new products build on previous convenience features.

Let’s explore some of the newest features being promoted in some of the most popular smart home automation categories.


Enhanced security is often the number one reason homeowners begin exploring smart home automation. With smart security systems, it’s possible to know the status of your home and loved ones from anywhere in the world simply by glancing at your phone.

The most common features integrated into the systems include cameras, motion and contact sensors, and smart locks. In addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi management, remote access control, notifications, and individualized entry codes, some of the latest smart lock models are bringing the convenience of touch screens to your door by including fingerprint sensors.

Security video camera technology is always evolving, with resolution and camera view fields increasing and camera size decreasing exponentially since being introduced for homes. Some other changes are the integration of audio, wireless capabilities and multiple power sources, making it easier to place with cameras where desired, without undertaking a full-scale demolition project in every room of your home.


Smart lighting is one of the most desired features of any smart home. Customized to each homeowner’s unique lifestyle and preferences, smart lighting makes life easier, more secure, and more beautiful.

Gone are the days when using smart lighting meant bulbs and fixtures that don’t add to the beauty of your home. Some of the smart LEDs now available are shaped to complement your carefully chosen lamps and chandeliers with classic “candle” shapes and even faux vintage bulbs with exposed filaments.

Available outdoor smart lighting is also changing rapidly, designed to fit beautifully into your landscape while meeting the demands of the weather. More options for powering your outdoor smart fixtures are being integrated, as well.

Kitchen and Bath

Perhaps the smart home segment expanding most rapidly is kitchen and bath appliances, fittings, and tools.

Major appliances are now capable of some truly astonishing things. How about a washer and dryer set that automatically adjusts the cycles based on what kind of fabric it senses was loaded? Check.  Refrigerators that let you know the milk has expired and adds it to your shopping list? Check.

There are some fun smart cooking tools out there, too. Take for instance, a smart grilling hub that walks you step-by-step through the entire cooking process using thermometers and AI. Smart thermometers can also monitor your oven and the food inside it, to help you be a better cook. There is now even a cooking appliance that comes with a screen, loaded digital cookbook, and the ability to weigh, chop, and cook your entire recipe for you!

In addition, smart home plumbing fixtures are now, dare we say it, flooding the market.

Along with convenience, some of these products enhance health and well-being. There are smart water purification systems that nestle comfortably under your kitchen sink and double as leak detection monitors. Toilets can be flushed without a touch. Hands-free faucets are now connected to voice assistants.

Smart shower and tub controls allow you to start the bathtub filling while you’re still walking upstairs. Once you’re soaking in the tub, you can use the voice assistant-enabled waterproof speaker to call up your favorite relaxing music. And don’t look now, but smart mirrors are out there, too!

With the dizzying array of new smart home automation devices, now more than ever you need a trusted and experienced pro to help you wade through the options. Zeus Integrated will plan, design and install your truly integrated smart home.

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