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The Best Smart Technologies for Your Interior Design

Home Automation Features that Bring Style and Elegance

The Best Smart Technologies for Your Interior Design

Are you looking for ways to incorporate smart home automation into your Manhattan living space, without sacrificing your home’s design and décor?

Luckily, you’ll never have to. With smart systems like Savant, you can guarantee you’ll get a combined flair and functionality with your products.

We dive into the top smart technologies you can incorporate into any room of your home, and watch as they blend perfectly with the rest of your interiors.

Read on to learn more about these stylish, smart features!


Versatile Lighting Control System

It can be nice to bask in the sun’s natural glow sometimes – but what about when the harsh rays get to be too much?

Lighting control doesn’t have to be just artificial lighting and dimmers.

Motorized shades are the perfect option to keep the lighting in your room how you want it to be. But how can you keep your shades from detracting from your interior design?

Easy – they not only can blend well with your existing décor, but can also add on to it.

You can choose from endless styles, fabrics, and patterns when it comes to your smart shades.  Dual shading also allows you to pair up two sets of seemingly very different styles together.

Pick blackout shades for when you want to watch a movie or take a nap during the day, and simply roll them up and lower your alternate sheer and colorful set of shades instead.

Savant offers expansive lighting solutions. Other aspects of a system include lighting control – so you can make sure your home has a nice balance no matter the time of day.

Elegant lighting fixtures and nearly invisible wall panels make smart lighting another tasteful addition to your home.

An Entertainment System that Blends Seamlessly

Including a Savant integrated audio video system in your home means having one centralized source for all your entertainment. With the ability to control it all with one single smart device of your choosing.

But the best part of having your entire media library at your fingertips is that it won’t disrupt your room’s interior design.

You can install a flat screen 4K resolution TV that camouflages as a piece of artwork while not in use. Simply press a button on your smartphone or remote to have it reveal itself in an instant.

If you invest in a projector and screen combo, both can be in place in the ceiling, and will descend only when you’re ready to lower them for a movie night or when you’re ready to watch a TV show.

You can also install your surround sound speakers in the wall, going completely unseen as they create a totally immersive auditory experience.

Cabinet speakers are small enough for shelves and go well with whatever theme your media room or living room has. Standing speakers are larger, but can give any room a theatrical look and top-notch audio.

Want to learn more about how smart home automation can combine design and practicality?  Give us a call or fill out our quick online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  Our team would love to hear from you!

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