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Tips for Hiring a Smart Home Pro

Tips for Hiring a Smart Home Pro

You’ve decided that you want to add the convenience, security, and fun of smart home automation to your family’s home. Now what?

If you’ve been looking into the smart home space for any time at all, you have certainly discovered just how large it is and how fast new products and companies are appearing on the market. After looking at all the options, the complexity and time involved in designing, installing and configuring a system, you’ve come to the conclusion that hiring a pro is by far the best way forward. But how do you find a professional firm you can work with and trust?

Do your homework.

First things first. Before you begin seeking out companies and professionals, have at least an idea of what kinds of automation might make sense for your family, how much money you want to spend, and any potential complications on your end that might impact the timeframe.

While a professional will help you determine what smart home automations suit your family’s lifestyle, you can have a pretty good idea of a starting point by examining the routine tasks that are repeated daily in your home. Do you tend to adjust the thermostat when you arrive home? Turn on a certain light to highlight a landscaping feature? Have the kids check in when they arrive home after school? These tasks are all great candidates for automation. Make a list.

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming the prices they see for DIY smart home components at their local home improvement store are also the going rate for higher-end integrated system components. The quality of an individual component directly impacts attributes such as expected useful life, warranty, and ease of use. Have a good idea of your budget so as a plan is put together, you can add, modify, or subtract items to keep it under control.

Is there potential in your family situation for complications with a system installation? For example, perhaps you’d really love to get a better handle on heating and cooling costs, but you have an elderly relative staying with you and having the heat off during the day of installation really isn’t an option. A smart home professional will help you identify situations like this and develop a plan to address them satisfactorily.

Get multiple quotes.

Before undertaking a smart home automation project meet with several firms. You want to hire a company that will answer all your questions—before, during, and after the installation is complete. Think of it as an interview, because that’s what it truly is. How long has the company been in business? Do you have a good feeling about the people behind the company? Will you feel secure having them working in your home? Are the installers licensed, bonded and insured?

The details that should be addressed before you sign a contract include, at a minimum: project scope; cost; timeframe; training on the systems; and warranty of labor and components. As noted above, the quality of the components will have a huge impact on your project’s bottom line, as will any “rush” work or extensive demolition. Make sure you also understand at what stages invoices will be sent and the payment methods accepted.

Check references.

As self-explanatory as this one sounds, you’d be surprised how many homeowners skip this crucial step. A reputable and experienced company will gladly supply references that you can check. Make sure you do.

If you’d like to get started on a truly professional smart home design and installation process, call Zeus Integrated Systems today. We have the experience and proven expertise you are looking for! (800) 878-9705

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