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Top Tech Podcasts for Smart Home Owners

Top Tech Podcasts for Smart Home Owners

Technology is everywhere.

We use new and innovative technology to run our homes, communicate with loved ones who are far away, learn things from people in far away lands, know the latest trends in our industry, and generally make our lives easier.

But tech can be overwhelming.

With so much that's available to us now, how do you even begin to keep up with the latest gadgets and systems?

For us the answer is podcasts.

Today we want to share the top podcasts that share up to date news, demystify tech, and help home owners embrace all things automation.

Why Podcasts?

Podcasts have taken radio to the next level. Whether we are online or offline, on wifi or data, millions of podcasts are available to help us learn and laugh on our own terms.

Long gone are the days when you have to be in front of your radio to hear someone read you the latest news.

As a matter of fact, you could be taking a stroll down the street, cruising down an open road, or enjoying a hot shower while at the same time tuning in to the most recent tech news and trends.

For smart home owners that want to catch up on the latest tech news and trends in the, here are our most loved tech podcasts.

Tech Stuff

TechStuff comes from the producers of Stuff You Should Know and How Stuff Works. 

This podcast is not limited to smart home tech, but instead covers all things tech ranging from home automation to who invented autopilot. 

Host Jonathan Strickland is dedicated to providing technology news and info with context so you understand not just the tech, but why it's a big deal.

Tune in online.

HomeTech.Fm Podcast

HomeTech.fm is a podcast discussing emerging home technologies with a focus on home automation and the internet of things. 

The HomeTech website and weekly podcast (hosted by Seth Johnson and Jason Griffing) are your go-to resources for info on the latest home technology trends, including the internet of things, home automation, and much more.

Tune in on HomeTech.fm

IoT Podcast

Hosted by Stacey Higginbotham, a tech journalist since 2001, the IoT Podcast doesn't just talk about smart home devices (though that is a large part of the content) it talks about anything in the realm of the Internet of Things. 

Recent topics include the death of Stringify, IKEA's move into smart home tech (something we wrote about a couple months ago, in fact), and why smart home tech costs so much.

Tune in on iotpodcast.com.

Home: on

The host of this amazing smart home show is Richard Gunther. In this podcast, he gives detailed views on the most recent goings-on in the home automation industry. 

Targeted more towards DIY smart home enthusiasts, the show usually features guest speakers that have gained society’s respect through their contribution to the world’s tech advancement.

And don't let the DIY targeting stop you from listening. There are a lot of great insights in this show.

Despite the fact that this podcast is only published twice a month, it offers a lot of value to its numerous aficionados.  

Tune in on Apple Podcasts.

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