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Articles tagged with: Lighting Control

Traveling for the Holidays? Your Smart Home Can Help Reduce the Stress.

Traveling for the Holidays? Your Smart Home Can Help Reduce the Stress.

The holidays can be a joyful time spent with family and dear friends, but are also fraught with headaches and concerns. Did you pack enough diversions to keep the kids happy in the car or on the flight? Will your travel be delayed by weather? How will your special Thanksgiving dish hold up during the trip? Will your irascible uncle hold a symposium on his current pet peeve during dinner, making that new in-law cringe?

With your smart home holding down the home front, you have one less thing to worry about. Here are just a few ideas to help you configure your smart home so it will keep making your life easier even while you are away.

Great Smart Home Options for Renters

Great Smart Home Options for Renters

Every day brings more media coverage about the options multiplying in the booming smart home automation arena. Many renters think they are excluded from enjoying the comfort, convenience and security that these systems bring. We’ve rounded up some great ideas that renters can use to integrate smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices in their homes…without running afoul of their leases. 

And, if you own rental property, these devices will add value for your tenants without the expense of a fully integrated system.

How to Make Your Home’s Lighting More Energy-Efficient in 2018

Explore the Eco-Friendly Benefits of Home Lighting Control

How to Make Your Home’s Lighting More Energy-Efficient in 2018

Did you make a resolution for the New Year? If you haven’t yet, we’ve got a suggestion: be more environmentally friendly.

There’s a reason why we chose this resolution. Unlike a resolution to go to the gym more often, you can achieve this goal with very little effort! Yes, smart technology can do the work for you, bringing energy-efficiency to your New York home automatically.

Curious? Let’s dig into the ways that upgrading to a home lighting control system can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart Home Technology Starter Guide

Learn about the Best Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

Smart Home Technology Starter Guide

Ever wanted to live in a smart home? It’s not a dream for the distant future. Many homeowners don’t realize that smart home technology is available today. Right within your New York home, you can take advantage of devices that make life more comfortable, convenient, and secure!

The big question is this: what’s the best way to get started? Below, we cover the most popular options.