Smart Home Design Services

Discovery & Preliminary Design

01. Design

02. System Design

03. Engineering

04. Implementation

05. Service & Support

Preliminary Design Automation Services NY


The project always begins with a discovery process, where we listen to our client’s needs and desires. Our preliminary interviews are relaxed yet specific, as we endeavor to balance the desires of the client with the realities of technological trends, budget constraints and built-in obsolescence. During the design-build process it is very important to ensure the needs analysis (also called the Discovery) has been performed otherwise the system design and project contract will be too vague.

System Design

We apply our knowledge & extensive expertise of providing smart home technology and integrated commercial systems, to give our clients thoughtful discussion and valuable insight about the products and solutions that work best to achieve the desired result. Advising on what brands and technologies are reliable. With our collaborative approach expect to get ideas & creative suggestions about incorporating technologies to enhance your life at home or business. At Zeus, we let you know what to avoid or where to proceed with caution, which can save time, money and frustration.

Custom Home Automation Services
commercial or residential design Automation Engineering


Gather the pertinent information & a detailed report will be developed in accordance with the plans. The Zeus design team works to define all aspects of project functionality for each room or area. An extensive set of project drawings are created that graphically show where all hardware and pre-wire drops will be located. In addition, all hardware & labor is defined with exacting detail as part of the commercial or residential design. We meet with the client, either at our New York office or at the project site, deliver this information for review, feedback and ultimate approval.

Zeus Integrated Smart Automation

We are responsible for all phases of the AV and integrated technology work including the needs assessment, system design, engineering, installation, commissioning, training and service. We can work together with architects, general contractors, engineers, etc. to assist in preparing contract documents and construction requirements. Our specifications describe the type and quality of every product required for the project including functionality, installation and finishing. Codes and standards are addressed where appropriate.